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Japanese capsule toy: Thomas train glitter body edition

Introduction of Japanese toy Capsule Toy

Japanese capsule toy: Thomas & Friends vol.75 Let’s go to the wide world glitter body edition

I bought capsule toys of Thomas & Friends a lot before.
Rather than, I was made buy them by my 4 years old son.

And then…Let’s see!

The lineup like this.
Thomas vol 75 capsule toy

My son was putting the capsule out.
my son putting the capsule out


These are all my son got at that time.
my son got capsule toys
Rail parts set are as many as two sets.

Lineup in detail.


Let’s look at each one!

The first he got one is this elephant figurine.
Japanese capsule toy thomas elephant
Elephant is cute indeed, but I wonder why an ordinary elephant figurine got in as a lineup of thomas capsule toys^^;
It has variation!

My son was expressionless and told me to pull next soon.

Next one was Nia in capsule.
Nia in capsule

Nia out of capsule.
Nia out of capsule
I had to put the stickers on the body.
Nia’s sticker was most difficult of them all we got.

Nia from side.
Nia from side

Thomas out of capsule
We spent as many as 8 times until getting Thomas.

What’re they? Quite compact sized…
compact sized rock mountain

rock mountain!
rock mountain
How did they put the parts in the small capsule.

Back side of rock. It’s light!
back side of rock mountain

Connected slope rails. I put together 2 sets of slope rails.
connected slope rails
Not a lizard.

Looks fun!
connected characters

I’ve put together all with including other collection.
connected characters

connected characters


It costs ¥200 (About $1.7) per capsule.
I bought as many as 8 capsules at once in total.
In short, they costed 1600 yen (about $14) in total!


Thank you for reading to the end.


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